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Tap Consulting Company Pharma Sales Rep Training

Courses with Proven Results

Our Pharmaceutical Sales Representative Training Model covers the areas of “customer knowledge”, “clinical selling skills” and “knowledge of clinical studies”. Each of these subjects include individual courses designed to empower pharmaceutical, medical device and bio-tech sales professionals to sell more effectively.

Pharmaceutical and Medical Sales Training Outsourcing

TAP Consulting provides a full menu of training outsourcing options for your Pharmaceutical or Medical sales organization. Many small to mid-sized companies with less than 75 sales representatives don’t have a training department or even a training manager. TAP can provide up to 100% of a company’s training needs with out adding a head count.

The benefits of outsourcing to TAP include world-class facilitators and designers, courses with proven results that can be easily customized to your products and faster turn around to help you meet difficult product launch deadlines. If you need to outsource all of your training or just want help in a particular area, TAP Consulting can provide what you need to reach your sales goals.

6 Reasons to Outsource Sales Training

  • Access world-class solutions and expertise
  • Shorten the delivery cycle time
  • Allow inside resources to focus on core competencies
  • Reduce costs significantly
  • Acquire new ideas
  • Our President, Jim Price was Personally Trained by Dr. Michael Kessler

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All Courses and Material are:

  • Field Tested
  • Doctor Proven
  • Specifically Designed for Doctors
  • Guaranteed!!

Courses Include: