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S.O.A.P. Clinical Presentation Skills

Discover SOAP Clinical Selling

Discover how to present clinical data to doctors – the same way they read and present data to each other.

A 2010-2011 Sermo physician’s survey reported that 81% of physicians said they wanted “Higher Quality������� representatives. When asked what traits made up a “High Quality” representative, one of the answers they gave was competence when discuss clinical studies and evidence based medicine. In that same survey 89% of physicians wanted more use clinical studies and evidence based medicine during their interactions with industry representatives.

With almost 9 in 10 doctors wanting more clinical discussions it is vital for the health of your sales force to equip them to present clinical data to doctors the way they read and present data to each other. When doctors present clinical literature to their peers they use a format called SOAP. SOAP is a clinical language understood and used by all Healthcare Professionals. Give your sales force the tool they need to be considered a “High Quality” representative. Equip them with the power of SOAP.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the four foundations of SOAP
  • Learn how HCPs use SOAP to communicate every day
  • Create a SOAP presentation from one of your own clinical studies
  • Role-play presenting your studies in the SOAP format
  • Get coaching and feedback from industry experts
  • Develop the skill of presenting studies in 15-30 seconds
  • Speak the language of your physicians and extend your call time
  • Be considered a High Quality Representative by displaying clinical competence