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Clinical Strategic Selling Skills

Clinical Selling Skills

Mastering a clinical selling “skill” will help you influence physicians while solving their problems.

Clinical Strategic Selling Skills (CS³) is a selling skills model designed around the MD Mindset.  CS³ focuses sales representatives on helping doctors use their products to solve clinical problems.

Selling with Clinical Studies | Clinical Selling Skills

Since doctors solve problems every day of their lives, CS������������ teaches sales representatives the skill of understanding what physician problems their product can solve and then presenting the problem and solution to the physician for acceptance. The CS³ course was built on the foundation of over ten years of research and data gathered at physician focus groups. Give your representatives what they really need, solutions to their doctor’s problems through Clinical Strategic Selling Skills!

CS³Tools Available Pre-Work

  • CS³Pre-Work is an easy to read twenty-four page booklet which provides a great introduction into the concept of Clinical Strategic Selling Skills. CS³ Pre-Work is the perfect tool for the busy pharmaceutical representative. The booklet and review test will take less than thirty minutes to complete and provide a thorough introduction into the course content.
  • CS³ Participant’s Guide CS³Participant’s Guide allows the participants to follow along in the course material and provides worksheets for each activity. There is space provided for note taking and an opportunity to script out an entire presentation from the Call Objective to the Close.
  • CS³Job Aids CS³ job aids are reminder cards containing the action steps and hints from physician focus groups.
  • Coaching Tools CS³ Coaching Tools provide the manager the needed tools to insure implementation of the skill into the field. A check list of CS³ Action Steps allows the manager to objectively evaluate areas of excellence as well as developmental needs.