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CPR Probing

CPR Probing course by Tap Consulting Company

When sales calls are dying… bring them
“back to life” with CPR Probing.

When sales calls are dying, bring them back to life with CPR Probing. The CPR Probing Strategy helps sales professionals uncover problems their products can solve for their doctors. CPR provides the tools to assist representatives in gaining valuable information about a doctor’s practice, prescribing habits and problems they are experiencing in the practice. By gathering this information the sales professional can position their products as solutions to a doctor’s problems and add life the sales call.  When a doctor sees your product as a solution to a problem he/she faces every day they will be motivated to prescribe your product over your competitors.

Learning Objectives

  • Help sales professionals understand the three main categories of probes
  • Understand which probes NOT to use with your doctors
  • Practice listening and asking questions on unclear issues
  • Provide the skills to obtain valuable diagnostic and treatment information about your doctors
  • To help reveal clinical problems and their impact on patients, doctors and staff
  • Reveal the rewards of solving these problems for your doctors
  • Motivate the doctor to write more of your product faster!