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Handling Physician Objectives

Tap Consulting Company - Handling Physician Objectives

Know what to do when a physician challenges you.

This course helps representatives understand why the way physicians are trained makes them more prone to challenge you. Physician objections are really a request for more information. When a physician has all the needed information they are more motivated to change their prescribing habits. Handling Physician Objections teaches representatives four simple steps to answer any type of objection. This course is provided in a workshop format that captures the top objections for each product sold. This is a necessity for any sales training program.

Handling Physician Objections Tools

  • Handling Physician Objections Participant’s Guide – Handling Physician Objections Participant’s Guide allows the participants to follow along in the course material and provides worksheets for each activity. There is space provided for note taking and an opportunity to script out each objection.
  • Handling Physician Objections Job Aids – These job aids are reminder cards containing the definitions for each objection type as well as the Objection Handling Action Steps.
  • Coaching Tools – Coaching Tools provide the manager the needed tools to insure implementation of the skill into the field. A check list of Action Steps allows the manager to objectively evaluate areas of excellence as well as developmental needs.